Liang Cui


Director of Product
+ System Designer
10 Years Experience

Both B2B, B2C Product
Large Scale Industry-Specific Solutions
Information Architecture
Android & iOS Apps


Some of the tools I use during my day-to-day.

Requirement Handling

From communicating with users, competitive analysis, usability testing & analyzing, to getting actionable data, I try to understand the requirements as through as possible.
Requirement Gathering
Competitive Research
Heuristic Analysis

Wireframe & Prototyping

First I make some quick and dirty wireframes for mostly 2 purposes:
A: Show it to User to make sure it solves the issue effectively.
B: Discuss with Devs, find out easy ways to implement without impacting UX too much.

Information Architecture

After requirement direction is clear, I try to map out the system inside out completely, with back and forth discussions with the Dev leads, to make sure the solution is Technically Feasible and ideally, Scalable.

Launch Plan & Roadmap

Proof of Concept, MVP, beta, and product launch. I collaborate with stakeholders, sales, operations and devs to plan according to business needs, and see the product from concept to delivery.

Build > Test > Iterate

I try to ship and iterate fast, and get user as involved as much as possible, and loop the feedback back to next iteration.


Apps & Systems


Pages of Wireframes


Years Experience
I'm experienced with mobile application and web-based CMS systems.

Selected Misc. Projects


"I’ve worked with Liang for over a year now and I had to write him a recommendation. The one thing I can say is that “Liang is the best Product Manager (PM) that I have ever worked with”. Believe me, I do not take that statement lightly, because I’ve worked with some stellar PMs in the past.

So, what makes Liang so great? It is his ability to do multiple things and to do them extremely quickly. For example, Liang will conduct competitive analysis along with several other techniques for gathering requirements, then he’ll create a mind map, he will review it with the team and accept all feedback. He will then create wireframes, mocks and lastly the epics and user stories that are needed by the developers.

It is his ability to be a one man product team that truly makes him great. He can make changes quickly, on the fly, and provide the right direction and guidance for the team. He is capable of working with the entire team, including managers in an efficient manner. I only wish I’m lucky enough to work with Liang again in the future."
Sameer Laljij
CTO & VP at DealTap
If I were to describe Liang in one word, it would be "passionate". Just one glance at his work and you can see how much love and dedication he had to the product. I had the pleasure of working as a developer, with Liang who served as the Product Manager during my time at DealTap.

Liang never failed to make my day with his enthusiasm and flexibility. He was always open to recommendations to make the product even better, never one to ignore the developers when they presented ideas. It made me feel like my input actually mattered.

He was always humble and willing to learn too, I recall him trying to master frontend web development in his spare time as he wanted to contribute even more.

I cannot possibly recommend Liang enough to anyone looking to hire him in the future, they would be mistaken if they overlooked him.
Usaim Bhayat
Fullstack Developer at DealTap
"Liang managed and drove the design of the operating platform which now supports the whole operation of Alo7’s English Online Tutoring business. Speaking as someone who’s been working in the tech business for over a decade, it’s profoundly rare to find someone with the combination of skills of both a PM and a designer who highly respects the opinions from the dev team just as much as he does with user’s input.

He is a truly rare talent who is capable of translating incredibly complicated, never-before-seen requirements to user-friendly and yet highly scalable design, and the operation team always praises the systems he can come up with. For most of the projects we worked on, similar solutions often cannot be found elsewhere on the market for any reference, and yet Liang is always capable of seeing through what the user really needs, coming up with design solutions well defined with incredibly detailed wireframes and documentation, while he's busy grooming and maintaining the product roadmap. And the best part is that he is always able to think through the logic behind the design from a developer’s perspective, making him easily the most favorable PM and designer for the dev team.

Asides from his problem solving and designing skills, Liang is highly easy to communicate with, incredibly passionate, and at the same time, deeply grounded. When it comes to discussing details on a project, it’s simply a joy to work with him. There’s no ego or defensiveness as you normally would expect from most designers, just pure discussions, and brainstorms dedicated to coming up with the objectively optimal solution.

It’s a shame we’re losing him, but as a friend, I’m glad he is going after what he wants. It goes without saying that he will be an incredibly valuable asset to any team lucky enough to have him. If there is any question, feel free to contact me personally and I will be more than happy to speak to you about him."

Yihui Cao
Senior Product & Development Manager at ALO7
"Liang is a great colleague and model for the team as a Product Manager and User Experience designer. He has great ideas and is asset to any product team. His ability to simplify complex problems always amazes me. He's unbelievably organized, methodical, and always finds a way to move the project forward. He also remains positive and calm and treats everyone with respect, even in extremely stressful situations. I hope to work with Liang for a long time to come."
Dylan Grey
Previous UI Manager at Fixya
Senior UX Designer at TrueCar
"Liang has the ability to look at the big picture, pay attention to every little detail and to provide solutions quickly in most professional manner. I enjoyed very much working with Liang and I always knew that every project that Liang was involved with my department (R&D) will get the the most professional team player.I'm sure that Liang will be an asset to any company!"
Itzik Kantel
Previous R&D Director at Fixya
VP R&D at
"Liang is one of the most dedicated, pleasant, and passionate people I've ever worked with. He possesses all the drive in the world, eager to learn new concepts and better himself each and every day. His ideas are backed by extensive research, data and creativeness - all communicated clearly and concisely to his teammates. As a junior PM working alongside Liang, I had the opportunity to learn many things about him: he never runs out of ideas, he knows how to get the job done, and he has one of the purest, kindest personalities that you just can't find in many places. I would absolutely love to work with Liang again."
Shawn Hocson
Previous Product Manager at Fixya
Senior Recruiter at Premier Talent Partners
"Liang is a creative and passionate teammate. He is excited about discovering and bringing new ideas to the table, and is able to translate ambiguous big ideas into structured solutions. He is very thorough, particularly in thinking through use-cases, product requirement documents, and usability research. His ernest energy is an asset to any team that is lucky to have him. "
Jessi Bradshaw
Previous Lead UX Designer at Fixya
Senior User Experience Designer at LinkedIn

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